Thu - December 9, 2004

Time to Bid Adieu

iBlog is being retired. Time to visit the new site Random Access 3.0 which is run by moveable type. iBlog is an excellent application and I love it but at the same time I travel enough without a Mac that I can't post things like I'd like too.

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Thu - December 2, 2004

Where the hell have I been?

So I now have a 20th level Warlock named Alexianne who is a living dead girl (cue Rob Zombie song of same name) and Thanksgiving weekend I probably played about 40 hours over the holiday.

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Thu - November 25, 2004

Not sure if I should put this in the Apple or Vote section...

This has got to be the funniest comic I've ever read. In so many ways.

Happy Turkey Day!

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Tue - November 23, 2004

Turkey Day

Well everyone Angi is related too east of the Mississippi is coming to our house for Thanksgiving, along with my Aunt & Uncle.

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Sat - November 20, 2004

New Digital Camera Body

Put some pictures I just fired away in the kitchen with up on fotki and I'm going to put the D60 body up for sale on eBay probably tomorrow afternoon with some other stuff I've been meaning to put on ebay type thing.

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Delicious Monster's Delicious Library

Of course the library software took some time to download all the information for each one from Amazon and there were a few that it couldn't find here or there but overall it was very wicked.

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It isn't taking the fundies long...

It's not enough that they don't want to have an abortion, they want to force everyone else not to have one either.

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Sun - November 14, 2004

Target Stores: Bah Humbug

Wal-Mart and others still allow it (some with restrictions to how many days) but Target is the only one that will not allow it at all now claiming that they now have 'consistency' across their stores.

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Keeping those MP3 Tags Current

I found this site called MusicBrainz that will check your library of MP3/AAC/FLAC/whatever songs and compare them to a user moderated database of songs and populate all the information about your music into it.

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Sat - November 13, 2004

Quick Note to Democrats

Screw that, anyone thought of the people and families affected by the beheadings being carried out in that city?

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November 2nd Roundup

Hell the Canadian Government went so far as to point out to the press that you can't just stroll across the border and become a citizen, and would have to apply just like everyone else...

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Fri - November 12, 2004

Long Time Since an Update

Panama next week and then for a minute or two someone was saying Lima, Peru but that apparently has fallen through, but after thanksgiving it looks like San Francisco.

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Thu - October 28, 2004

This could be the worst words ..

....for a 911 operator to hear. "My daddy killed me with a butcher knife"

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Searching for People of Similar Music Tastes?

Right now I'm still doing the 'try and play everything just once' so those that track multiple plays to detect a favorite artist are in a bit of a goof up at the moment but I hope as time progresses the statistics will level out and I can see what my listen patterns are, if anything.

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Well Color Me Wrong

This isn't sour grapes talking, I mean I did just pick up a 40GB click-wheel a few months ago and I've yet to fill it with music (not for a lack of trying).

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