Tue - June 8, 2004

Back from Vacation

So instead of telling people I was gone I got angrier and angrier emails from people that were wondering when I was going to respond to their urgent inquiries.

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Mon - June 7, 2004

Mac Security Update 6-7-04

According to this knowledge base article there are several major updates to correct recent security glitches that could allow malicious code to be executed upon download.

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Apple Announces Airport Express

So now I can play my AAC files and Apple Lossless to see if there really is a difference on 'real' speakers like my Klipsch Reference speakers I have on the home theater.

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Xgrid and Cocoa Applications

At first I was really excited, then Brian had to go and throw the cold 'malicious users' water on me.

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Well Dammit

I was trying to ad comments and trackbacks to iBlog and hit a 'rebuild application data' and hosed up a few blogs (rants, dark age of camelot) and now they're all dated 6/7/04.

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Sat - June 5, 2004

Becca vs. the Squirrel

There were some squirrels around, and Becca dropped one of her ritz crackers on the ground so I tossed one at the squirrel.

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Fri - June 4, 2004

Try #3 with Fish

Hopefully things won't jump into the living room or get pinned under a rock.

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1-2-3 Imagine!

Angi took Calvin and headed out to Minneapolis for the weekend and Becca and I headed out to see Sesame Street Live - 1-2-3 Imagine.

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Tue - June 1, 2004

Toured the National Mall today

Then on top of that for about a 1/2 mile radius is completely fenced off with 12 - 15' tall fencing so you can't see the square or anything until you get far away.

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Mon - May 31, 2004

The Drive Up

Following 2-3 ft, breaking constantly because they think gunning it at someone will make them speed up, and people driving 5 miles under the speed limit in the far left lane.

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Bad Week for the Fishies

First Fishy Boo Boo (the Flame Angel) got pinned under a rock overnight and died, then this morning when we got up to get ready this morning it appears that the other clown jumped out of the tank somehow.

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Off to Washington, DC

Well we've headed out for our few days in Washington, DC to check out the nation's capitol.

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Wed - May 26, 2004

More on the new Swing Set

She does ask to go back to the 'swing and slide store' on occasion.

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10.3.4 is out

Lo and behold there is a 41mb update for Mac OS X today.

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Tue - May 25, 2004

Cable Insanity

Well needless to say I didn't troubleshoot much over the phone the 'my computer doesn't work' thing and it appears that everything is fine and Angi's computer apparently was hosed up, and as near as I can guess maybe the wireless flaked out a bit on her machine.

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