For some time (Since it came out) I’ve been intrigued by Windows Phone OS.   Not ‘get rid of my iPhone’ level intrigued, but more ‘Wow, someone didn’t just copy the iPhone’ intrigued.

Though they had what I would consider several boneheaded mis-steps regarding early adopters not getting an upgrade things looked a little better.   So I grabbed a Nokia Lumia 635 to check it out, and to check out the Windows 10 Tech Preview. Read More →

I play some video games.   Because of that, I actually do own a Windows machine.  It’s a glorified PS4, but I still play games.

Most notably of late, Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous.   One of the big challenges though is that while you want speed, you need capacity.  Those two things together are a (and this is a technical term) crippled of cash.

Mac’s have this killer feature called ‘Fusion Drive’.   Where’s Windows? Read More →